NTC Week 2015

Nike hosted their 3rd NTC Week, a series of special workouts designed to give women a boost at a time when most people would be slacking on or breaking their fitness resolutions. You get an opportunity to train with experts, try something different from your usual regime and meet like-minded women.

Apparently interest for their events was huge; some 3000 women had registered to get a chance to attend some of their exclusive classes. With that many people signing up, it was no wonder that I didn’t get any of the classes I had hoped to get. However all was not lost.

It was by chance that I was able to partake in a yoga session at the AM Orbit in the Olympic Park as my usual NTC yoga had been cancelled due to NTC Week.

The views from the AM Orbit are simply amazing; my smartphone camera did not do justice to those views! 

After the class we were treated to healthy food and drink by CPress. I had a Rainbow Circus salad and dried fruit with a green juice. I usually like a green juice; however I didn’t particular enjoy this one as I found the celery overpowering and it left an unpleasant after taste. I think it would have been better downed as a single shot.

NTC Week finished on 24 January 2015 with a takeover of One Mayfair (a luxury event/wedding venue) and running NTC classes & yoga between 9:30am – 5:30pm. Being the early bird that I am, I took part in the 9:30am class which consisted of explosive high intensity drills and lots of toning. With 6 trainers (2 leading and 4 guiding) there was no escaping their watchful eyes. It was simple – Go Hard or Go Home.

At the end of the session food and drink was provided by CPress, Roots and Bulbs and Fittata. I highly recommend the Rainbow Circus Salad by CPress and G2 of the cold-pressed juice range by Roots and Bulbs

I had friends taking part in the 11:15am class, so I lingered around and watched them suffer the same drill that I did earlier! 

My lingering also meant I got to see Perri Shakes-Drayton, 400 Olympian and Championship athlete who was also taking part in some of the classes. I will admit I got excited, but I was totally casual when I ask to get a picture with her……
Me (after a high intensity workout) and Olympian Perri Shakes-Drayton
You can check out pictures taken by other women who attended other events on social media (instagram/twitter) via #ntcweek and #ntcweeklondon.

Nike from time to time have smaller scale events on during the year; you can follow Nike UK and Nike Women on twitter and Facebook for updates. Rumour has it that Nike will be doing a half marathon for women this Summer. If that’s the case then they better make their announcement ASAP as people have already booked their various races for the year. If you’re interested you can register for updates here.


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