Loving Right Now: This Girl Can

I've been loving this video since it came out earlier this month, coinciding with the many, many resolutions of getting fit and losing weight in 2015. This campaign is aimed at women, in a bid to celebrate active women regardless of how they look when being active. Check out their website here and check out their campaign via the various social media platforms using #thisgirlcan

In recent years there has been an influx of women taking part in fitness classes, not just yoga and pilates, but crossfit, boxing and high intensity training. It used to be that many females (often from when puberty was in full swing) while wanting to lose weight, were very conscious of getting sweaty, or becoming bulky and ultimately being viewed as unfeminine and as a result they would shy away from high intensity activity such as football, running, boxing, weight training and the like. I was one of those many females.

Fitness is hard work. You are bound to to get flustered, sweaty and messy. Your thighs, tummy, arms and butt will jiggle. And that's OK. You will not be the only person to experience this.

I've been known to break a sweat in a few yoga classes - anyone who thinks yoga isn't a workout has obviously not tried it! I have embraced fitness over the last 5 years and all that comes with it - the sweat, the jiggling, the weight loss, the stronger body.

This Girl Can - and so can you x


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