Mother v Daughter: Shoes

Summer has arrived in London *tears of happiness* and I have this week off work!!!!

Following on from my previous post about the debate over make-up, I follow with the next issue: shoes.

I have never really been a wearer of shoes, in particular heels. I preferred wearing trainers (or ‘crepes’ as I used to call them – London slang) and converses. I wore trainers during 6th form, uni, and even to work. I even wore trainers to raves and clubs on occasion! I bought trainers at least 3 times a year and wore them until the soles wore all the way down.

Like the issue of make-up, it drove my mum mad…..she complained that I did not dress like a woman! That’s not to say I didn’t ever wear heels; I tended to wear kitten heels on one or two occasions and swiftly auctioned them off on eBay. I thought that many of the heels on the high street were nice to look at, but were impractical for the purposes of my life; plus I felt that high street chains did poor quality shoes.

My friend Samantha was like me; she almost exclusively wore trainers until 4 years ago when she started buying the highest heels and supporting my mum’s mission to get me in heels. Thanks Samantha(!)

But in the last couple of years, I have started going through a transformation and have become more open to wearing heels. I have actually stopped wearing trainers to work (my mum was well chuffed!) and have started to place my feet into lady like shoes a bit more often!

Now, I haven’t gone crazy with the heel height; the heels I own are typically 3.5 – 4 inches. they have been featured in my previous posts:

Here is my latest purchase of heels:

Shoes - New Look
I always buy black I tried to be different!

I am (slowly) starting to warm to heels; but I will not be giving up my beloved trainers so easily! In fact I think it's time to purchase a new pair.........


  1. I used to live in trainers too lol. Love the blue heels! x

  2. I was in trainers for years! I do love heels now but prefer chunkier heels to stilettos for sure.

  3. But Trainers are so comfortable, *Cries* it nice to switch them up though! Love your shoes.

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