The Rain Has been Pouring…..

But that hasn’t stopped me getting on with life!

Readers, the weather in the London is absolutely crap as of late. Summer has stuck two fingers up to the UK in general. It’s been rain, rain, rain and 2 seconds of sun; but I’ve been out and about. I started the weekend with an NTC Class; only 11 ladies (including myself and our trainer) turned up, but we still went in hard!

Yep, this is a job for the washing machine...trainers included!
it was wet and muddy, but damn it felt good to work out in the rain!

It wasn’t all muddy hard work (which was actually quite fun!); it was my mum’s birthday on Friday, so as a treat, me and my sister dragged her to the nail salon to get a mani-pedi after my muddy workout. I decided to treat myself as well, especially as I haven’t been to get my nails professionally done in about 5 years…….

I got a simple manicure with hand massage and nail design;
consider it a treat for my previous muddy adventure!

In between the excitement of getting my nails did and attending Church, I managed to lose my travelcard, which also held my debit card, driving licence, and other significant pieces of my life. I am truly grateful to God that the misplacement happened in a Tesco Metro and one of the staff had found my travelcard and put it lost property. I heard that there was a hefty drunk woman trying to sell a travelcard in the area on that day – so happy it was not mine!
On Sunday I’m going to the cinema to watch Magic Mike. Yep, I’m going to watch a film about strippers…….fine looking men getting their kit off. Ah, happy Sunday!

Yeah, this is a fairly random post…….Have a good weekend people x


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