Nike Training Club Live 07.07.2012

Hi Readers!

Over the weekend I attended the first ever Nike Training Club (NTC) Live Festival, which took place at the Old Billingsgate Market in Central London. As you may have read from my previous posts here and here, I am quite a fan of NTC!

It was a free (yep, FREE!) event, but entry could only be earned by clocking up minutes attending NTC classes and/or doing the workouts from Nike’s NTC app on iTunes. Again the classes and the app are free!

The event consisted of free classes (NTC and Yoga), manicures by Wah Nails, massages, 1on1 Q&A with personal trainers, nutritional advice and an opportunity to try out the new Nike Lunar Hyperworkout+ trainers. There was a chance to win a pair, but I didn’t win :¬(. I cannot lie, the trainers are pricey (from £170, ouch), but they are amazing! They can track your movements; when synced with your workout app, you can earn points and compete with other people.

Here are a few pics* from the day (taken on my Samsung Galaxy SII):

I didn’t get a manicure (boo!) but I enjoyed the classes, got lots of useful information to improve my workouts & nutrition, and got to try out those amazing trainers. The massage was heavenly……

The Festival finished with a live PA from Katy B, who I really like!

I was so happy to see her perform, and for free especially as she was due to perform at the Somerset House in Central London on 07/08 July 2012! Her live singing was great, as was her DJ and band. She is an avid supporter of NTC and regularly does the workouts with one of the Sonja, one of the Nike Master Trainers.

I think her album Katy on a Mission is absolutely brilliant and it is actually one of my favourite albums.

All in all, it was a great event; it was great being rewarded for all the workouts that I do! I look forward to next year’s festival x

**Nike have recently posted a video about NTC Live:

I actually appear for a split second within the first 4 seconds of the video starting....I'm the girl in the white Nike top jumping up for a photo (my split second of fame!)

*These pics are taken by me, but if you want to see more photos or want further info about NTC, you can check out NTC facebook page here

**Edited/added on 16.07.2012


  1. That's so cool!!!! Sounds like a good time full of helpful information! My fav app...or at least one of! I know you really did enjoy it!


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