Let the Sun Shine!

So the sun and warmth has FINALLY paid a visit to the UK!
It has been a bittersweet weekend; just a reminder to surround myself with great loving people and live life. The good weather has made it a bit sweeter!

On Saturday, I got to see the Olympic Torch Bearers.......

On Sunday, I chilled in the park with friends and family...
We had an impromptu sports day, but just being in the sun with good people really made it a great day

Munching on Fruit Salad.....
T-Shirt: Nike
Shorts: H&M
Forecasts say that the good weather will in London until at least Friday; I just hope it doesn't interfere with the Olympic Opening Ceremony - which my sister won a ticket for!!

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  1. I wish I was in London!! *Cries*

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