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I’m sure most, if not all us like to carry with us some sort of fragrance or body spray/mist when we’re out and about. I usually have a body spray or mist in my bag to freshen up during the day. However I use perfume for my social nights out, which usually fades after about 4 hours, especially if I’m out dancing.
So in April 2012 (yep, a wee while ago!), I saw a little gadget know as a perfume atomiser. Basically you fill it with your preferred/favourite fragrance and take it with you wherever. You can re-spray when needed meaning you won’t have to worry about your perfume fading.
I bought my atomiser (the brand is called Flo) from Boots and it cost £9.99 (at the time). At first glance it could be mistaken for a mini vibrator – imagine that dropping out of your bag during rush hour!
Bought from Boots, £9.99

naughty me for my naughty thoughts hehe!
However this compact baby has been a Godsend! While small, it packs a punch; when I spray it, it is just as powerful as an average sized perfume bottle. It’s very easy to fill up as well.
Fragile, by Jean Paul Gaultier
My Ultimate Fragrance

The atomiser may be small but it is powerful -
has the same spray strength as the average perfume bottle
Since I bought my atomiser, I have always used my favourite perfume, namely Fragile by Jean Paul Gaultier; however the atomiser is re-fillable and you can it for whatever fragrance takes your fancy - just make sure you wash it out first before filling it with a new fragrance.
I think that this is definitely an essential for any girl especially during the festive party season – I forgot my atomiser at home on Friday and I actually got my sister to bring it to me to our home station before I went to karaoke! Seiously, I felt lost without it!
Maybe it could be an ideal Secret Santa gift/stocking filler (^_^)
Speaking of which I hope you’re Christmas preparations, spiritual and otherwise are going well!


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