My 2012

The end of 2012 is but a few hours away........
In addition to my achieved goals in my previous post (click here), here are a "few" pics highlighting my 2012:
After my birthday dinner:

 After a Special NTC Session at Westfield White City:

After I caught the bouquet at the wedding of my two friends!

At Hackney Weekender - Definately a highlight!!

 At the first NTC Live:
 When the Olympic Torch passed through my home town:
The fireworks from the Olympics Opening Ceremony - no tickets, but the view from my home was great!
Becoming a qualified solicitor:
One of my Secret Santa gifts - absolutely LOVE this mug!!
Yep, I am a great woman!
Looking back, 2012 has certainly been an eventful year......the highs, including the going to Hackney Weekender, the Olympics and Paralympics, Nike Training Club and some lows which included the death of loved ones.
I also started this blog. I want to thank you all again for checking out my blog, especially those who comment and have followed!!
And as for 2013:
Happy New Year
All the best for 2013!!!!!


  1. reading this post made me feel like reconnecting with my Nike NTC app… i know sort of weird huh, lol! Thanks for sharing your highlights, it looks like your birthday dinner was something to talk about :-)

    Happy New Year

    Many Blessings
    Maya D

  2. My sister went to hackney and said it was amazing! Did you see Rihanna and Jay-z?

    1. happy new year!

      me and my sister went on sunday so we saw rihanna. it was really hard to decide though......there were so many greats acts on both days!

  3. Happy New year hun :) all the best x

  4. Happy New Year dear!
    Amazing snaps!


  5. loved all your photos, great post!

    how about following each other? :) would love to see you over

  6. Looks like you had an exciting year! Hope 2013 is as good for you, or even better!

  7. great post!:)Would you like to join my international giveaway?


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