As you may have (or not?) noticed, I wear glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 11 and I usually wear contacts for special occasions or holidays.
I’ve had my current pair of glasses for nearly 3 years now and I had been considering changing my frames. So it was a happy coincidence that Firmoo contacted me and offered a free pair of glasses……
According to their website, they are the “World’s most popular online eyeglass store”. They don’t just cater for prescription glasses, they do non-prescription glasses, sunglasses (prescription/non-prescription) and eye googles.
Here’s a few pics of the glasses that I chose:

taken on my samsung, using the self portrait camera - hence the poor lighting
My chosen glasses can be found here

The glasses were lightweight but durable. I found them to be professional looking which is a plus in my line of work.
Firmoo are a very confident company with a significant following on Facebook; in fact they are offering new customers a free pair of glasses/sunglasses and you only have to pay for shipping which is $12.96 - $15.75 (approx. £7.50-£9.70 for my fellow Brits). Their shipping is really fast; I was told that my glasses would come within 10 working days and I actually got it within 1 week. The glasses don’t necessarily have to be prescription…..geek chic is a style in its own right so one could easily rock a pair of fake glasses, though I do prefer the real thing if I say so myself!
If you’re interested in getting free glasses from Firmoo, click here. Go on, you know you love a freebie!


  1. They suit you well. They're very stylish and versatile... I will have to check them out.


    1. Another particularly popular style of Mirror Sunglasses is called the Wraparound. This style of sunglasses consists of either one or two smooth, semi-circular lenses that cover the eyes and resemble the shape of protective goggles.

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  2. Love this girl, they really suit you <3 x

  3. Love the lip color!

    xo, N


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