None of Dem

Last Saturday of my usual morning workout, I went in search of a bacon buttie (bacon sandwich) with a friend. We ended up in some kooky café in Bow, where the above song was playing.

I've been aware of Robyn's music since she first appeared on the music scene around1997 - I was aged 11/12 at that time. While she is recognised in the music industry, I wouldn't regard her as a mainstream artist; I regard her as underrated. Still love her stuff though; from her early music, Show Me Love & Robyn is Here to the more quirky Konichiwa Bitches and Cobrastyle (absolutely love the video for Cobrastyle!)

Robyn is one of the great things to come from Sweden. ABBA and Ikea are other great exports. Thanks Sweden!


  1. Might have to find a way to work some of her tunes into my NTC playlist....

  2. Hi Chi-Chi! hope you're doing well:) how are things in london? hihi
    ohhh robyn! yep i think i know one of her songs... "handle me" is one of hers, right? used to love it!! when i read your post i was like: who the heck is this singer?! and then you wrote swedish and then i instantly knew:))

    lots of love xx


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