Fuel Your Summer

Last Thursday I and a few of my training buddies attended a roller disco hosted at Kings Cross hosted by Nike and Urban Junkies:


Very nice but too much ice!!!
I think pretty much anything with Pimms gets my vote!

It was a great night of drinks, food and more importantly skating and good company! I had a couple of close calls, but I did not drop once! It's been a couple of years since I donned on a pair of roller skates, but it's like riding a bike......you never forget!

Nike have been hosting a series of events over the past few weeks under the project Fuel Your Summer, designed to promote their fuelband (I already own one); the brand has recently been focused on smaller, more exclusive events. A lot of the attendees of the roller disco actually got their entry through Urban Junkies, which is an internet newsletter, promoting the latest launches, trends and events. This is not the first time Nike has done this as they previously teamed with O2 to provide classes and events exclusive to O2 customers as well as provided special codes in magazines such as Elle to guarantee places/entry to a couple of events hosted earlier this year. The issue is that unless you use the services of these other companies Nike collab with, it makes it difficult to actually attend such events as there are very few open entries available.

I'm hoping that Nike Training Club will host an event for their members - a lot of us girls have been consistent with the classes and have worked hard. We deserve our own exclusive event! #justsaying


  1. Looks like fun. I went skating with my family a few months back.. I was never really that great at it :) haha

  2. that looks like a lot of fun.. ive never been to anything like that lol.. xx

  3. Looks like you had a lot of fun :) great place

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