Kyoto Sushi Bar & Restuarant, Soho London

Last Week I went out for a friend’s birthday….it was really a spur of the moment thing. I actually intended to spend my Friday at home attempting to de-stress from work, but the temptation of food got the better of me.

We headed out to Soho, London in search of a decent sushi restaurant. We ended up at Kyoto, a sushi bar and restaurant.

Kyoto Sushi Bar & Restaurant
26 Romilly Street, Soho, London, W1D 5AL

There was four of us and we ordered what we thought was going to be enough food for us. I’m mixed towards sushi….I will eat it but I’m not a big fan of sashimi. We ordered maki sets, kimchi pork, chicken katsu curry, seafood yaki soba and deep fried squid.

That's eel on top of this maki set; while I wasn't so keen when I saw it on the menu,
it actually tasted very nice! Not really a wasabi fan, just because of the weird aftertaste......

All the food was delicious!

Quite frankly our eyes were bigger than our stomachs; even though we shared most of our food with each other, we struggled to finish everything. We must have looked very greedy compared to the other tables! The staff were very professional and friendly, which made the dining experience better.

I've become quite the professional amateur at chopsticks!
Our total bill, which included 6 drinks and service charge (I think) came to £101.70 which was approximately £25.40 per person. Not bad, given the amount of sushi, noodles and curry we scoffed!
I hope to eat at Kyoto again soon, and I would recommend that any fellow Londoners, visitors and sushi lovers check it out!


  1. I am a huge sushi fan and anything with the name Kyoto gets me (thanks Memoirs of a Geisha!)

    Your photos are lovely and everything looks so delicious!


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