I’m still here!

It’s been nearly a week since I’ve posted on my blog……it’s been quite a busy week for me:

  • It’s been very busy at work – been preparing for a couple of significant litigation cases. Cue tense clients, legal research, loads of typing and not forgetting long hours
  • In addition I’ve finally sorted out my Professional Skills Course (PSC) – this needs to be completed during the training contract and before you can qualify as a solicitor. Considering I’m supposed to finish my training contract in May, I’ve been cutting it fine.
  • I’ve spent two nights braiding my mum’s hair – it was a bit tiring, given that it was during the working week. But at least she saved £40-£60 (average price for braiding hair, or rather what she is willing to pay for her hair!)
  • I bought a language course from LearnDirect via www.groupon.co.uk for £9.90 instead of the usual price of £29.99. still trying to decided what language I should learn.......
  • I attended a hen/birthday party – Thai food and karaoke. One can never go wrong with that combination!
  • I sorted my sister’s and friend’s birthday presents………
  • I wore a full face of make-up…..much to my mum’s pleasure!

This month is gonna be busy for me – got Mothers’ Day coming up, as well as 4 birthdays – baby sis, dad and two friends. Plus I start the PSC which means trying to get back into study mode and trying to ensure that the office doesn’t fall apart without me (yes, I am that important in the office!)

This is my March Madness…….but I feel quite sane!


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