A Good Weekend – Sun, Hackney Weekend 2012 and H&M Mini Haul

Hi all!

Hope you had a good weekend; to those who live in the UK, especially London I hope you have been enjoying the fantastic weather over the weekend! My days, Spring is here! Make the most of it though……knowing our luck our Spring/Summer will be over by May!

After a stressful Friday (had an exam), my weekend was packed – in addition to my usual movements, I finally sorted out and paid for my bridesmaid dress for my cousin’s wedding; made an unproductive and epic journey to Harrow with my Mum and celebrated my Dad’s birthday by going to Nandos. Plus the clocks moved forward so i efectively lost an hour of sleep. But the best thing was that I managed to get tickets to Radio 1’s Hackney 2012!!! It took 1hr 45mins of refreshing the webpage as it kept crashing, but I will be seeing Rihanna, Tinie Tempah, Labrinth, Chase & Status and other epic artists perform!

I finally received the stuff I ordered from H&M about 3 weeks ago……It wasn’t enough that I bought a new bag (which has been put to good use). No, I had to order online and visit the shop and buy a few more bits and bobs:

Sturdy Jersey Leggings

Detail at the bottom of the leggings

Textured Draped Jersey Top

Sleeveless Blouse

Short Sleeve Patterned Blouse

I have to say I’ve probably bought more clothes in the last year than my whole teenage years ( I was very conscious about clothes and how they fit me)…..it's been a while since I've bought white tops. But this is quite modest compared to the amount of books I’ve purchased in the last two weeks! More on that to follow……


  1. love all your H&M picks!! All look like staples!!

  2. Great finds. I love H&M!
    Im in love with the leggings.


  3. Loving those blouse and the leggings <3 x


  4. I love that sheer tank blouse! Nice buys


  5. That sounds just like me. I have bought a lot of clothes the past few months but books that's whole other ball game!

  6. i was actually gonna buy that same h&m sleeveless shirt with the gold buttons!


  7. Love the sleeveless blouse, great items!


  8. great! I love basic things ;)

  9. I love all of these purchases. But I must say I love the leggings the most. But that's cause I love the detail!
    I've kicked my shopping habit til all my overdraft is paid off. How grown up eh? I'm doing well. Quit the fags too. Go Shazzy!

    Enjoy your purchases. And the books even more! xxx

  10. (www.saalene.blogspot.com - I thought that would just come up on its own!

  11. Hold up,what? How come H&M has an online store for you???

    1. the online store is only a couple of years old.....i think slowly, but surely they're gonna extend their online shopping to other countries.

      they don't have an online shop for canada? i'm surprised if that's true!


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