Thai and Thai Again

For the last 2 Fridays, I’ve been meeting up with friends for dinner. Nothing like being in good company to end the working week…..
I actually ended up eating Thai Food twice!
Blue Lagoon, Kensington London
The first restaurant was Blue Lagoon in Kensington:
I shared a starter platter with my friends and I had the Chicken Pad Thai:

After the generous starter, I slightly struggled with my Pad Thai!
My friend’s boyfriend had booked the restaurant and we got a great deal – 50% off food. I felt that we got our money's worth.
The Owner was slightly eccentric, but really friendly. The waiters/waitresses were really nice as well; I was pleased by their service. The restaurant was busy, but intimate; I liked that it didn't have a corporate feel to it and it seemed to be really popular with the locals.
@ Siam, Soho London
Yesterday I went to @ Siam, which is located in Soho, London.
I booked this restaurant via, and my booking meant that me and my friends would get 25% off the food bill. Unfortunately we didn’t get this deal because the entire party wasn’t present to order at the same time; but this wasn’t really an issue for me.
Once again I went for Pad Thai (love Pad Thai; it's my signature Thai dish); this time prawn. I also had a minced chicken and prawn dim sum type starter:
Stingy with their portions!

Some of the other food my friends had which included
fish cakes and fried pork strips
(can'r remember the Thai names for the dishes!)

The food itself was nothing to write home about; I can say with confidence that I have had better.  The prices on the face of it were reasonable but upon receiving the food, I saw that the portions were quite small diminishing the value we were supposed to be getting, not regarding the initial 25% discount. The meal did not really satisfy my stomach. My biggest annoyance was that the waiters started clearing our table WHILE some of us were still eating. I found it really disrespectful, almost like they were rushing out of the restaurant. I will say that the resturaurant was initmate and the interior was nice, but doubt I will be returning to eat there again.
Even though I’ve eaten Thai food twice in as many weeks, I actually could eat it again! But I’m gonna try to switch it up – maybe Persian food next time?


  1. Wow, the food actually looks better at the Blue Lagoon just from the pictures...I've never had Thai food, but I guess I should be more experimental - I just stick to Mexican and Italian restaurants. This post really has me feeling a little more experimental.

  2. Forget switching it UP!! i CAN EAT Thai Food all day everyday! LOL! Ironically I just did a post on Thai!


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