Mexico 2013 - Beaches, Blue Sea & Wildlife

My posts on Mexico conclude with a few photos from Cancun, Isla Mujeres (Woman Island) and a few "residents" of the hotel I was staying at.
Cancun is known for its white sands and blue Caribbean Sea; as well as being the go to destination for Spring Break. While Cancun Centro (Downtown Cancun) even on a cloudy, the sea looked amazing:

This is probably one of my fave scenery pics that I took.....

the sea still looked amazing up close

There was a bit of commotion at Cancun beach on our visit…..the first time was because this fella rocked up on shore:

I also went to Isla Mujeres, which is an island about an hour from Cancun. I would have to say that I actually spent more time in or on the water that on the actual island – the journey to Isla Mujeres was by boat. I also took part in snorkelling……even though I can’t swim! And I got to hold a nurse shark………

Saw this beaut while waiting to get on the boat....had to take a pic!

A candid shot....

Me, snorkelling

At a public beach near the market on Isla Mujeres
Just can't get enough of that blue sea!

My face when I first touched the shark haha!
it was quite an experience :-)
Speaking of wildlife, I’d like to end with a few photos of the common residents at the hotel:

My first pic of my holiday;
This weird look creature is a coati. They often minded their own business and were quite shy.......
until they found food! They then got cheeky (but still harmless).....

Iguanas were not only found on the hotel grounds, but also near the Mayan Ruins
Again, they liked to mind their own business, lazily 'posing' for fascinated tourists (like me!)

one of four cats at the hotel.....
They were very well pampered; just chilling on the grounds all day and regularly fed by the hotel guests!
I got up close (compared to a couple of my friends) – but not too personal!
My holiday seems like a distant memory now....


  1. Amazing pictures! The pictures of the sea/beach are so lovely. Mexico has definitely been added to my list of destinations x

  2. All your Mexico posts are beyond amazing. I'm in awe at your pictures. Looks like you had the time of your life. I can't wait to visit and use your blog as inspiration! Unbelievably beautiful. x


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