Greedy Cow - Mile End, London

London has in recent years has seen the rise of the gourmet burger. No longer content with the offerings of McDonald’s or Burger King, there are now restaurants where Londoners can enjoy more gourmet, premium quality burgers. Such examples are Byron Burger, GBK and Honest Burgers.
Greedy Cow Burgers & Steaks
2 Grove Road, London, E3 5AX
My latest dining experience was at Greedy Cow, a restaurant specialising in burgers and steaks in Mile End, East London; a couple of my friends had previously visited the independent restaurant and had good things to say about the burgers. Anyone who used to venture down Mile End or study at QMUL a few years back (like I did) will know that the area was in need of development. The recent regeneration of East London has finally spread to Mile End, and locals as well as the university students have a bit more dining choices (other than the chicken shops and 99p pizzas!).
It’s a cosy place (read small), with the ground floor having previously been a shop unit and the upper floor converted from a flat; however I believe that the place could fit about 50 – 60 people. My friends and I had arrived at opening time… was after our usual Saturday NTC Class (so we had already burnt the calories we were gonna stuff ourselves with right?! We train to eat x). Within 90 minutes it was bustling, with friends, couples, other groups and families coming to eat.
Greedy Cow not only does standard burgers; it offers steaks and meat of a more unusual variety….. you can check out their full menu here. Anyone up for camel burger or wild boar?!
Me and my friends (there was 8 of us altogether) stayed with the safe options! For starters, we shared BBQ ribs and crab balls and I had also mint tea to warm me up after our workout in the park:

For my main I had the Mexican beef burger (well done), which was topped with sour cream, guacamole, salsa and jalapeno peppers. I also added an extra rasher of bacon to my burger order and shared onion rings:

This burger was so nice.....I actually raved about it days after I ate it! I usually have my burger well done (I like my beef dead and cooked through), but there is sometimes the concern that the burger ends up being too tough. Not my Mexican burger. It was well done, without being tough or greasy.
My burger left my stomach satisfied, but I’m girl who loves her dessert – in fact my motto is ‘there's always room for dessert’! Especially when cinnamon is involved:
Seasonal fruit crumble & vanilla ice-cream

The Seasonal Crumble was freshly made, consisting of cinnamon infused apples and plums with a side of vanilla ice-cream. A sweet finish to a good meal.
Rachel had chocolate & pistachio ice-cream

My morning workout was not in vain.....after settling our stomachs and having a nice natter amongst ourselves, I walked home. This was greatly assisted by the fact that there was no more rain and the sun made an appearance mid afternoon. Any cold was shaken off by my semi - brisk pace.
Greedy Cow has left a good impression on me, in particular the Mexican burger. It’s a nice cosy burger place that caters to all. Maybe next time I’ll be a bit more adventurous and try out one their more exotic burgers……..


  1. Yum :) I need to sample this place for myself! x

  2. london does has some amazing restaurants! i definitely want to go back just to try out all those restaurants and the good food:) if it comes to burgers a lot of people just know mc donald's or burger king... which is kinda sad. we do have some restaurants which offer burgers here and there but my fave one just got closed!!:(

    ps. i just catched up you vacation posts, the pictures are amazing!! the place you've been to looks like paradise:) it really looks like you had an amazing time:)

    lots of love xx

  3. those food Pictures looks really yummy.
    I am your new follower and hope you will follow back with GFC

  4. The Greedy Cow is such a cool name for a restaurant. I wonder if he we have them here in America. It looks sooo delish!

    And the seasonal crumble..omg. -mouth watering-

    xo, N


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