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"Geek" Tee - Topshop

Checking out the "Winter Wonderland"

Geek: (noun) an unfashionable or socially inept person/ a knowledgeable and obssessive enthusiast
It seems that everyone wants to be a 'Geek' these days - geek chic is like, sooooo cool! Gone are the days when being a Geek was a negative thing; needless to say Topshop are benefitting from now fashionable subculture(especially as this tee cost £18 -slight cringe!).
I identified myself as a Geek way before it became fashionable. Growing up, i didn't see myself as one of the "cool people". I loved learning; especially history. I bought and read books on Ancient Rome, Ancient Greece and Ancient Egypt - loved mythology. I loved books; I went to the public library from a young age and enjoyed being surrounded by books. During Secondary School I was known as "The Boff"! And I really was not fashionable.......
From time to time during my teenage years, I was concerned about being a geeky person especially when it came to the opposite sex! But ultimately, having friends and family who liked and supported my intelligence, my love of reading and thirst for knowledge I was in essence fine with being a Geek.
So, while some people will be wearing this shirt as a fashion statement, I will be wearing this shirt as my personal statement x


  1. i've seen this geek shirt all over the web, but yeah - as you said it's more a fashion statement now. i really like that you're wearing it as your personal statement, loveit:D
    lots of love xx

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  3. I really like that top.
    Love love love your blog!
    Just seen it today and I'm glad.

    Kenneillia M.
    The Style Vow

  4. Looove that T- shirt <3 x

  5. Nice t-shirt! I love this post, I can definitely relate to the whole 'being a geek before it was cool' thing lol x

  6. NEED that shirt!


  7. i've been looking for a shirt like that, 18 quid is a bit steep but i really want it!


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