New Year, New......Ah, Never Mind!

Fellow Readers, I went on an epic blogging hiatus; it has almost been a year since my last blog post. Like, not only did I not blog, I rarely blog surfed either.


Well, there are a few reasons/excuses……

  • I returned to full time work in January 2016; still working in law, the hours and workload especially since May has left me drained most evenings. I know, a lot of bloggers also study or work full time and still find the time and energy to blog....but anyway........
  • I spent a lot more time micro-blogging via Instagram. Gotta love instagram (and hate it on occasion) 
  • There have been times when I just could not be bothered to deal with my blog! Despite the Title of my Blog, I didn't feel that everything I did, went to or ate warranted a full blog post (see above reason).

Blogging may seem easy, but it requires a lot of effort and co-ordination, whether you are blogging for pleasure or business. The title of this post had been sitting in my drafts since February 2016, with the initial intention that I would finish the post and publish it over the weekend; that lasted intention lasted about 4 weeks until work, the deadlines and its pressures took precedence.

For me this year, I think I lost a bit of passion and pleasure for blogging, especially as real life took up my time……. I didn't want the pressure of "keeping up with the Joneses" in the blogsphere

I had contemplated giving up blogging, but then I read my very first blog post and remembered why:

I don't really have a particular direction for this blog; all I know is that I wanted/needed somewhere to release some of the thoughts over-occupying my mind, ramble about my "simple" life and rant from time to time. Whether this is a good/cool/stupid idea, only time will tell......

For now, I know that I want to blog to still have a presence on the World Wide Web. I know that I don’t want idiots posting random spam in the comments sections (OK, so I have bothered with this blog enough to delete that spam comments). I know that I have to be more diligent with writing and publishing my posts. I know that this blog needs better care and attention.

It’s not going to be a New Me that deals with this, but the Current, Same Old Me that will try to get her shit together and push forward. Hopefully my future posts will be more structured and coherent that this one (This post has has gone straight from Mind to Blogger).

In the meantime, I hope you have had a lovely Christmas x


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