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Exercise has been a consistent part of my life for the last 4 years, having started with power-walking for ladies with Elite Evolution and progressing to Nike Training Club and running. But it’s easy for the body to become used to particular way of training and the early benefits of regular training become harder to see & experience.

Barry’s Bootcamp (“BBC”) has its roots in America and like most concepts (Diners, Man v Food Challenges, Halloween) it has made its way across the pond to the UK. It claims to be the toughest workout in the world (this claim is even trademarked!)

BBC is currently based in Euston; however they are going to open another branch in East London (actually it will be based in the City/Square Mile area) in the next couple of months and new trainers have been getting to grips with the drills and classes; I offered to be a guinea pig for the trial classes!

The session alternates between the treadmill (the Tread) and strength training (the Floor). Prior to taking a BBC session, I did not know what to expect of the class; all I knew was that there was going to be equipment and it was going to be tough.

There isn’t really a warm up to the main session; the trainer just jumps right in with the workout! On the few occasions that I have attended I have started on the treadmill as I felt that my body will be able to warm up and would be more receptive to the strength training.

The Treadmill sections (expect at least 2 or 3 during the 1 hr session) were interval based – a lot of sprints and inclines were involved. The speeds were flexible according to whether you were a beginner, intermediate or advanced; however it never went below a speed of 5. The trainers were quite observant – they made sure that people didn’t cheat by using lighter weights or ran and a slower pace or incline.  If you needed a quick respite then you could take it nut you were expected to jump right back into the class. My legs were grateful when it was time to move onto strength training, but working with 5kg dumbbells (these were the minimum weight the ladies could use!) had my arms and abs quivering! Strength drills such as squats, press ups, and froggers were modified to include the weights; even modified burpees got the weight treatment!

A cheeky pic before i started on the Tread!
My body was definitely challenged; I got sweaty very quickly and by the time the class had finished I was spent. I spent the next couple of days with DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) which was the strongest indicator that my body had gone through quite the workout.

And now figures….BBC could cost from £14 to £20 per class, depending on how may classes you buy – the more classes you buy the cheaper it will be per class. 3 classes per month would be the same as a basic monthly gym membership. It’s not cheap, but there is a degree of flexibility in that there's no expiration date when you buy the classes and they can be shared or transferred to other people. If you are always looking fro for your next fitness sit fix then BBC could be for you and therefore worth a regular attendance. BBC London also comes with showering facilities as well as a fuel bar where you can have protein shakes or smoothies after your intense workout.

Your body will be challenged and I reckon taking a BBC class once in while (if you can afford it) alongside your regular exercise regime will ensure that your body gets a surprise and doesn’t become complacent.

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