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You may have noticed a few posts on my blog regarding Nike and their special events. I have actually (and weirdly) realised that I’ve not really explained what Nike Training Club (NTC) is……..

I wanted to take this opportunity to write about NTC and how I got involved in it, especially as we are fast approaching March (eek!) and those goals/resolutions that you may have truly started to flounder!


What is Nike Training Club?

Well this was taken from their Facebook page:

 Nike Training Club UK is a women’s fitness community offering up the expertise, inspiration and motivation for you to make yourself whatever you want to be.


NTC is definitely a fitness community, designed to get women stronger, fitter and leaner through cardio, high intensity drills and body conditioning.

NTC holds free (yes, FREE) classes around London and in Glasgow; the Club also has a free app for Apple and Android.

How I got into NTC

I have been a fan of Nike for years and liked their page on Facebook; I noted that NTC also had a page which I checked out in July 2011. At that time NTC were holding classes at Hyde Park, London, which I couldn’t attend however NTC soon started classes at other venues which were more accessible to me and I attended my first class at the end of November 2011. I will not lie – that first class was a shock to my body and my system and I was feeling the burn up to 6 days later! However I rather bravely (or stupidly, some might say) went back for more the next week and I haven’t stopped since! I know attend NTC classes 3/4 times a week.

Why I joined NTC

Primarily to get fit; for years I wanted to lose weight with minimal effort…..that flopped big time! But really the main problem was my fitness; my years of studying swiftly followed with career that involves a lot of sitting, meant that I was not exercising and it didn't help that my diet wasn't healthy. I was tired of running 10 seconds for a bus or train and breathing like I had just finished a marathon…..

It also helps that the classes are free!

Why I love NTC & The benefits

Through the NTC classes I have met some wonderful women, from all walks of life. I have found that for me, training/ exercising in a group is so much better than working out alone. It’s a great alternative to going to the gym; I have actually accepted that I and the gym don’t mix! I attempted to become a gym bunny twice – I joined a local gym on 2 different occasions, but after about 4 – 6 visits I dropped out, never went back or renewed my membership.

The NTC trainers have been amazing – they are lively, fun to train with and push me to go a little bit further. They are ready to train, whatever the weather; yep, I have trained in the sun, the pouring rain and when it snowed…..
London, January 2013
NTC whatever the weather!
My body has changed since November 2011 – my family and friends have commented on my weight loss and the fact that I look stronger and leaner. For me the weight loss was a bonus benefit to getting fitter. I found that I was able to work out more effectively when my focus wasn’t on just weight loss and fitting into smaller sized clothes. I have got fitter, stronger and leaner which will benefit me in future.

NTC has challenged me and given me renewed focus on my fitness and health.  In terms of my health and body, this is the best I have been since secondary school - and that was quite a while ago. I’ve recently taken up jogging and I’m currently working on building my upper body strength by aiming to do 20 push-ups on my feet by March (a little challenge set by one of my NTC trainers!).
Oh, and the occasional freebie ain’t bad either:

A goodie bag from the most recent NTC event -
Super Charge Week, 4 - 10 February 2013
Freebies have included free dri-fit t-shirts,
and giveaways have included free trainers (see here) and fuelbands!
In General
The fact is, exercise/sport is not supposed to be easy…..even yoga is a challenge. Persevere and you will reap the benefits – completing that 5/10K, perfecting that crow pose, plank or push-up, the weight loss and a better quality of life for your body. If you have found yourself faltering at the first hurdle, dust yourself off and try again x


If you want to find out more about Nike Training Club check out their Facebook page here and current project here.

Other bloggers who are involved in NTC:

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  1. Beyond bored of my current work out and have been looking for something new for a little while now. Trying something in a group like this sounds really good. Will deffo look into it. Thanks for posting x

  2. I recently started much easier said than done!

    Why Don’t You Make Me?

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